Same-Day Crowns

Thanks To Dental Technology, We Can Now Place Dental Crowns In Just One Visit.

Have you been putting off the dental care you need because you feel like you just don’t have time to keep running back and forth to the dentist’s office? If so, Southern Smiles of Eastern North Carolina offer same-day crowns so that you can get the restorative treatment you require quickly and efficiently. Learn more by contacting our Greenville, NC dental office today.

Same Day Crowns | Dentist In Greenville, NC| Southern Smiles of Eastern North Carolina

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns look and feel no different than traditional crowns. They are even made from the same material, so they will be long-lasting and durable. The difference between same-day crowns and traditional crowns is that our dental team can easily design, make and place these same-day crowns right here in our Augusta and Evans, GA, offices instead of turning to an outside dental lab to make your crown.

What Are The Benefits Of Same-Day Crowns From Your Greenville, NC Dentist?

As you might imagine, being able to provide our patients with one easy, streamlined process for getting a dental crown offers a wide range of benefits both to our dental team and to you. Some of these benefits include:

-No need for temporary crowns, which can be bulky and awkward
-A fully restored smile in just one visit
-No messy dental putty or impressions, just quick mess-free digital images are taken of your teeth to capture accurate sizing and measurements
-Digital imaging ensures more precise measurements of your tooth for a superior crown with the perfect fit
-May preserve more of your natural tooth
-Patients don’t need to schedule multiple sessions with their dentist to get the treatment they need
-The high-quality porcelain or ceramic is matched to our patient’s smile before it is chiseled out to create a crown that blends seamlessly with their smile.

If you are interested in getting same-day crowns at Southern Smiles of Eastern North Carolina, then call our office in Greenville, NC at (252) 752-7880 to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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